典典 is a passion project that I wrote while studying Chinese in college. I felt that the tools available for Chinese learners were outdated and difficult to use. This is my attempt to create a streamlined learning experience.

The core functionality of this site is the dictionary and the ability to build decks out of characters. When you create a user account, you can store decks to your account. These decks consist of dictionary terms. You can use these decks to either create flash cards, do phonetics/stroke order/definition quizzes, create handwriting practice sheets, or share with other users. A common use case of this is teachers creating decks for their class's curriculum.

In addition to these tools, 典典 also allows for submission of corrections and definitions. Those submissions are reviewed by a team and, if approved, added to the dictionary.

典典 is a work in progress and new features are still being added. If you have any feature requests, feedback, or anything else you'd like to contact me about, feel free to email me at diandian@alex-hansen.com.

Technical Details

This website's base dictionary is CEDict, and it uses Hanzi Writer to render stroke orders. It is written entirely in Rust.